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Celebrating the regular people who 
transformed their lives with Lydia's help

Very happy I went to Lydia's meal prep info class March 14. I loved her ideas on getting out of diet mentality and into healthy lifestyle. Her guidance and recipe ideas are amazing. So grateful for my ongoing sessions! Highly recommend Lydia!

Carolyn Cronin, Methuen, MA

Working with Lydia was such a pleasure, she was a tremendous resource! My goal was to get rid of some bad habits and eat better and cleaner and she was a huge help. My diet wasn't bad to begin with but with Lydia's help we found more foods I love to incorporate into my daily diet and help reduce cravings. I'm not a fan of "fad diets" and no one likes counting calories so it was a nice change to talk about working towards healthy eating and changes that I can stick with forever. By eating better and exercising more I feel great. Thank you Lydia!

Eileen Carroll, Andover, MA

Fitness is a big part of my life. I sought out Lydia's expertise because I had extremely low energy and wanted to know how I could keep up my activity level without feeling tired all the time. Lydia's evaluation was impeccable. After implementing her suggestions, I have felt more energized, more focused and healthier than ever. Her sage advice improved my overall well-being. I highly recommend Lydia!

Kathleen Williamson, Andover MA

Lydia is a wealth of information! She is clearly passionate about helping people find their paths to healthy living!

Tania Atkinson, Windham, NH

Thank you to Lydia for providing me the guidance to eat cleaner and healthier and to open up time in my life to focus on my spiritual well being too. I had a fairly good diet before I met with Lydia, but she has taught me how to incorporate cleaner and healthier options into my life as well as my kids and husbands. I do not crave processed food like I did in the past (daily serving of potato chips gone!). I feel so much better and my workouts have been more consistent too. I highly recommend working with Lydia!

Lori Paglia, Andover MA

I attended one of Lydia's workshops after having my 3rd son. I was so impressed by her knowledge of health and her love for what she does. She gave me the help and confidence I needed to get back into shape after having my son. She also helped me stay organized so I didn't go off track with my diet while busy with 3 boys. I can't thank Lydia enough for all her help - she really loves her clients and what she does.

Laura Bellia, Windham, NH

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